My 7th Continent – Check

When I retired in Oct 2018 I had the goal to travel to all 7 Continents. I was on a quick pace through 2019 but then Covid hit and the wheels or wings fell off my travel efforts. I’m very happy to finally check off this 7th elusive continent.

The morning greeting

My first morning in Antarctica I woke to a Humpback cruising past my balcony. It was a bay with a Krill smorgasbord and there were whale blows all around the ship.

A Weddel Seal hauled out for a snooze

I have 3 more days to explore Antarctica- I’m sure it will provide more whales and lots of penguins.

10 thoughts on “My 7th Continent – Check

  1. Congrats Barb! What an amazing adventure– you certainly have this retirement life figured out.
    Excited to hear what you have in store next!


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