Antarctica is Beautiful but The Weather Window Narrows Quickly

Rescuing the Kayaks

On the third day in Antarctica the plan was to visit a penguin colony until the wind picked up from 20 knots, to 40 knots, to 70 knots in a manner of minutes. Operations were suspended but lots of guests had a wild zodiac ride and bouncy return to the ship. My group was scheduled later, so I missed the penguins but was fortunate to be in a zodiac when several Orcas passed by the day before.

Interesting Iceberg
A beautiful glowing sunset
A couple of the hundreds of whale blows

You know it is an exciting wildlife adventure when the naturalist is squealing in delight. As we approached Elephant Island, there were Hundreds of Fin Whales blows nearly simultaneously and a few Blue Whales. On just one side of the ship I counted 59! It was one of those things better experienced than photographed, you just couldn’t capture the magic of being completely surrounded by hundreds of whales.

Elephant Island
A picture from a fellow guest! Gosh I wish I took this one

So tonight I said goodbye to Antarctica and am heading north. Next stop is South Georgia where I will see enough penguins for a lifetime.

3 thoughts on “Antarctica is Beautiful but The Weather Window Narrows Quickly

  1. Are those yellow kayaks that u were going to see the penguins from until the weather changed the plans? That would be so wild to image to be surrounded by so many whales cat once!


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