I made it across the Drake Passage and it was actually a bit better than I anticipated. The ship was pitching and rolling but an extra dose of seasickness medication and all was well. I can’t say the same for the dishes and glasses at breakfast. A big wave threw most of the breakfast plates and glasses to the floor to the cascading sound of breaking crockery.

As I went through the first channel I was greeted with hundreds of diving penguins. They were tiny black and white blips and impossible to photograph but I’ll have lots of up close encounters with penguins in the coming days. I also saw my first whales – probably 6-8 and all whale blows but it counts. I’m hoping to see Orcas next! By the way it’s the end of summer in Antarctica and temps are in the 30’s but it feels much colder with the wind on the ship.

A logistics stop!

The tale of the jackets. One of the perks of a Seabourn cruise is a “free” expedition jacket. Well someone screwed up the order and it didn’t get delivered in Santiago and didn’t get delivered in Puenta Arenas And didn’t get delivered in Ushia. In a creative solution they had another ship leave the jackets in a container at a remote Antarctica airfield. At the moment we are in high suspense waiting the zodiacs to return with the jackets. I was fortunate to get one on the first round but many are waiting with bated breath. Perhaps my logistics background could be useful for Seabourn!

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