The Tip of South America

As far south as you can go

Im finally on my way to Antarctica. At the moment I’m cruising Glacier Alley as we stay inside a channel to avoid the worst of the Drake Passage. I’ve spent the last week heading south from Santiago Chile.

The furthest point on the South American Continent with Tierra Del Fuego in the background
The first glacier in Glacier Alley
A bonus rainbow
Melting Glacier

So far it’s been Chile, Patagonia and now Tierra Del Feugo. Next stop is Argentina and then Antarctica.

The Drake Passage is one of the most notorious for challenging seas as the Pacific and Atlantic oceans meet. So far the forecast has promised it will live up to its reputation, perhaps meaning being in the room and tied to my bed for a couple of days. So the adventure begins and Antarctica’s whales and penguins await.

6 thoughts on “The Tip of South America

  1. My sister just got home from an Antarctica cruise! Due to weather she didn’t get to camp overnight on the continent but she did do the polar bear swim!
    Hope you have an amazing time!


  2. Hey Barb,
    Wow 😯! What a fantastic trip! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you! We were just talking with friends about our wonderful vacation with you a few years ago with Karen. So glad 😀 you took the retirement “plunge” so you could “plunge” in waters all over the world!
    Love, Kathy andTom

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