The Highlands

Highland Sheep

The Highlands rolling hills are an inviting landscape. The sheep dominate the landscape with the occasional castle ruin thrown in. We saw a demonstration of working dogs and the training was amazing.

Loch Ness

Our 2 hour boat ride on Loch Ness failed to reveal Nessie but I’m sure she was lurking below the surface.

Oh wait – there’s Nessie!

Scotland is all about touring Castles. Small, large, opulent and ruins. Dunrobin is the largest castle in Scotland with fantastic views of the sea.

Clan Fraser Marker

A Highland tour isn’t complete without a trip to the Culloden battlefield. The battle marks the last time the Scottish fought for independence in 1746. I could not help but reflect on the independence protest I saw in 2022 and wonder at the long suffering cause. It’s a sobering place as 1500 Highlanders lost their lives in an hour of battle. Walking the battlefield you find markers for all the Clans engaged in the battle. Of course, I had to find the Fraser Clan stone in honor of Jamie Fraser. The entire trip walks in the footsteps of Outlander and we’re rewatching the series as we travel. Next stop the Orkney Islands.

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