Independence for Scotland

What do we want – Democracy. When do we want it – Now!

I left Iceland and headed to Scotland for a 12 day adventure. I landed in Glasgow and took the train to Edinburgh. I just love European trains! We just finished a tour of Holyrood where the Royal Family still occasionally resides and there was a parade, complete with bagpipes. Except it wasn’t a parade, it was a protest with thousands and thousands of people seeking Independence for Scotland. In Scotland even the protests are polite.

Bagpipe protesters

It was a busy few days in Edinburgh. We toured the Royal Yacht Brittanna and Edinburgh Castle and walked the Royal Mile. We also learned a lot about Gin as the UK is full of craft Gin Distilleries just as the states has a love of craft beer.

Edinburgh Castle
In the Castle

We also took in a candlelight concert in St Giles Cathedral with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. It was a beautiful location and the acoustics were amazing. From Edinburgh we’re heading north to the Highlands. I’m hoping to find Jamie Fraser galloping toward me on horseback. A girl can dream!

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