Icelandic Horses

The Icelandic Horses are easy to fall in love with. They are a hardy, spunky horse with a distinct genetic make up. The Vikings brought the first 1K Icelandic horses but now there are 10K. Iceland is fierce in their protection of these horses as no new horses are allowed to enter the country and a horse that leaves can never return. This keeps the breed pure and provides the ultimate protection against disease.

The natural gait of the Icelandic horse is fascinating. Most horses walk, trot and gallop. The Icelandic horse also has a Pace and Amble gait that are beautiful things to watch. Unlike the Tennessee Walking horse that is abused into its special gait, the Icelandic horse does all 5 gaits naturally.

A final Aurora Borealis and it’s time to say goodbye to Iceland. Next stop is Glasgow Scotland. Fortunately my pants and Expedition jacket have proven extremely water proof, and I expect I’ll need it for Scotland in Oct.

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