Musk Ox and Icebergs

Musk Ox on the move
Big Daddy Ox

I didn’t even have Musk Ox on my animal bucket list, but I was thrilled to see about 30 yesterday. We were navigating a narrow Fjord in the zodiacs and the Musk Ox were all around. They sort of look like Wooly Mammoths. The hunting season just ended and they were still a bit skittish of humans. When a herd of about 12 took off running their coats were silky and beautiful, they could have been stars in a shampoo commercial.

Icebergs Galore!

I could fill the blog with pictures of icebergs but you might get bored. I thought this one with the beautiful blue color was worth sharing.

The Fjord was blocked with glacial ice

We had just been briefed on a plan B that included Eric the Reds farm when the ship stopped. The route was blocked by glacial ice. Instead of Eric the Red, I got to see Musk Ox, a bonus indeed. This cruise continues to be one of great flexibility, the itinerary is at the mercy of nature.

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