A Submarine Ride

Submarine onboard Seaborne Venture

The Venture is an Expedition Ship with 2 submarines on board. This is a new concept for cruising and quite the unique experience. The submarine holds 6 guests and a Pilot.

The view from inside. It’s interesting getting on board the submarine from the zodiac but pretty easy as you climb down a ladder to your seat. The seats spin 180 so you’re looking out at the sea life. I was a bit underwhelmed with the sea life as it was dominated by invertebrates such as jelly fish, sea cucumbers and tiny sea thru creatures but the experience was top notch. would love to do it again in the tropics.
The Pilots View
Champagne and Caviar in the Fjord

So I have to admit to a bit of ignorance about Greenlands geography. I thought it was mostly flat and dominated by an ice shelf. That is true, but in southern Greenland there are dramatic Fjords with glaciers and narrow passages. Every corner is another breathtaking view.

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