Zodiacs and Glaciers

Zodiacs exploring the glacial walls

This trip involves a lot of Zodiac trips. We’re getting into the routine of Expedition Parka, waterproof pants, wellies and life jacket to board the zodiac. Today we floated about waiting for a calving, but no such luck.

Meet my roomies, the Poweski‘s

I’m enjoying the cruise with Al & Susan Poweski. I’ve known them for 35+ years and we have a long history of travel, but mostly involving skiing.

High Tea on board

It’s nice to get back from a chilly Zodiac adventure to an extremely civilized High Tea. I could get used to this lifestyle!

So the whale count is growing and now includes: Blue, Fin, Sperm, Humpback and Minke. I’ve mostly seen whale blows but the naturalist has confirmed the species. At one point there was a pod of 12-15 Fin whales. No spy hopping, breaching or flukes, these whales all seem to be in a hurry, perhaps their internal clocks tell them summer in Greenland is waning.

4 thoughts on “Zodiacs and Glaciers

  1. Really cool that you got to see the northern lights! So what are “wellies”? Looks like a really nice cruise with high tea at all.


  2. Oh Barb this sounds like a perfect adventure. One your old scared cousin could do! Most times I read you trips shake my head and think how brave you are! Miss you!!! Eder and Eder


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