On the Erie Canal and the Living is Easy

Easy Locking on the Erie Canal

My worries and concerns about solo locking with no bow thruster and towing the dinghy were unfounded. A local took this picture as I was entering the lock at Lyons NY. I’ve traversed 10 locks on the Erie Canal and it’s been pretty easy with no problems, no drama. I’ve also slowed WAY down to a more enjoyable smell the roses pace.

Love the $14 a night price at Fairport NY

So I have to admit I love the prices on the Erie Canal. The first 2 nights back on the canal were free and then a whopping $14 a night and this included a spot on the wall, electric, water and pump out if needed. It sure was nice to have electric to run the AC as it was in the ‘90s. It’s also nice to be in an area I’m very familiar with since I stayed in Fairport 2 weeks last year. I got a big grin on my face when 2 of my buddies from last year greeted me as I was tying up with, “Captain Barb is back in Fairport “

Holding on to the Lock Wall

I find the Canal very relaxing and calm and confidence building. For example, yesterday I arrived in Fairport intending to do a starboard tie on the wall. This required a 180 degree turn in the canal with boats on all sides. As I turned, the wind and current caught the bow and plan A evaporated. I quickly went to Plan B, a Port tie and with help from a bystander with the bow line, I made a perfect landing. Deep breath and then get that electricity hooked up and ahhhhhh delightful AC.

5 thoughts on “On the Erie Canal and the Living is Easy

  1. Barb, glad things are going better for you! You are the bravest cousin and person. Love following your adventures! Have fun and enjoy.
    Eder & Eder Sharon


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