WhimSea’s Summer 2022 Bung Project

500 Bungs – The Challenge!

One of WhimSea’s winter projects was sanding the teak decks. The teak on the decks and caulking looked great but the project caused the top of the bungs covering the screws to get thin and pop off. As a result, the deck was an unappealing sea of screw heads that destroyed the charm of the teak.

The aft deck alone required 100+ bungs!

While I often find my mechanical skills on WhimSea wanting, I figured the bung project was within my technical capacity. Step 1 – Remove the Screw. Step 2 – Drill 3/8th hole. Step 3 – Clean Out Hole. Step 4 – Glue Bung and Pound in with Rubber Mallet. Step 5 – Cut off Top even with deck surface. Repeat 500 times.

Just as the journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step, the replacement of 500 bungs begins with the first one! Ultimately I found this project rather easy,and very satisfying, and the deck looks great. The main deck and forecastle are completed and only the salon roof remains. I’m waiting for another cool day to tackle the remaining bungs.

2 thoughts on “WhimSea’s Summer 2022 Bung Project

  1. Ken did this on our tug VICTORIOUS in three installments, finishing this spring. I did the re-bunging with glue but he did all the rest. It’s a lot of time on your knees!


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