Tilting at Windmills

The innocent windmill farm on Wolfe Island

Crossing from Kingston ON to Oswego NY requires a bit of planning and luck. There was a 12 hour weather window and WhimSea needed 7 1/2 of it to make it across to New York. The weather looked ok and we set off at about 5 am. The route took us very close to the Windmill Farm on Wolfe Island. For a long trip like that, Auto Pilot is essential to keep the boat on course and the Captain alert. Oddly, the brand new auto pilot lost its mind. It couldn’t hold a course, didn’t seem to know where it was and when asked to engage it acted like it was in the Bermuda Triangle. So it required 7 1/2 hours of hand steering to make the crossing. Bottom line we made it back to the US and cleared customs via the CBP ROAM APP – that part was a cinch!

When trying to fix the auto pilots compass I read the fine print and found the warning about magnetic disturbances from Wind Farms. Geez – put this in the category of learning something new everyday.

Sunrise on the way to the USA, notice windmills in the background

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