It was almost like an Outward Bound Experience

I went to Outward Bound in the early ‘80s. During that experience they kept taking away things to see how you responded, innovated and continued moving forward. Just when you think you have been challenged to your limit, another bigger challenge presents itself.

I had a day like that. After working for 3 days, the bow thruster finally gave up the ghost. Getting the boat off the lock walls was a challenge but we learned to compensate and became better boat handlers. The next excitement was in the middle of a shallow lake, my very dependable Diesel engine temp started to skyrocket. Diesels need, air, fuel and water and if you take away any of these it gets unhappy fast. We were literally dead in the water. Since we were in a lot of grass the first check was the sea water strainer. Next check was the water pump impeller. Next guess was the thermostat. Finding no problems, we turned the engine over and voila – water out the exhaust. Conclusion was a giant grass ball got stuck to the water intake on the outside of the boat, and worked itself loose.

The final And greatest Challenge

After a fairly exhausting day, I went to dinner with the boat tied to the dock. I came back to find the Davit had pulled away from the transom. This was pretty much a disaster. It meant the davits were not functional. Choices were to find a Marina to leave the dinghy in Canada and pick it up with the trailer later or tow it the entire way to Port Clinton. So far towing has worked, but we have 2 people aboard. My true Outward Bound challenge will be making it through the Erie Canal with no bow thruster while trying to wrangle the dinghy in every lock. I almost didn’t write about this as it seems to stress folks out, but I’m determined to share the unicorns and rainbows as well as the true reality of the bad stuff. Sigh………

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