Arrived in Canada – Finally

After several years of wanting to get here by boat, I arrived in Kingston Canada on 11 July. It’s a big port with lots of boaters. Transients are not usually offered the best docks and we were asked to weave through a series of tight turns into a narrow corner. It is a basic law of boating that a device will fail at the worst possible moment and this was certainly the case with the bow thruster. With a stiff breeze pushing our bow we failed to execute the final turn. Fortunately the Marina had sent out dock hands and they saved our bacon aka fiberglass.

Ed attacks the Bow Thruster

I found the manual and Ed proceeded to troubleshoot the bow thruster. It was a 2 day process that involved 4 Uber rides searching for parts and suitable tools. Boyd’s engine was the answer to finding a “key way”. I didn’t have any Canadian money so the charge was nothing! After crawling into a pretzel for hours Ed declared the bow thruster fixed but it is now used ONLY when we really need it. It forces you to become a better boat handler. This is a case if Ed hadn’t been aboard, I would have either crawled into a ball and cried or struggled to find someone to repair and melted my credit card.

Next stop the Rideau Canal. The Rideau Canal has been on my wish list for a decade. It promises a pristine view of Canada and a summer paradise. As I look at the 95+ degree temperatures at my home in Florida, I’m sitting in the Pilot House wearing a long sleeve TShirt and a fleece. Yeah this is why I spend my summers on the boat.

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