St Lawrence Seaway – Thousand Islands – Clayton, NY

Sharing the Seaway

If your chart doesn’t make it obvious, you know you are on the St Lawrence Seaway when you start sharing the channel with freighters. After the confines of the Erie Canal, the Seaway is a bit intimidating. I had hoped to have AIS on board so they could see me, and I could see them, but the equipment was backordered. Next best is a couple of APPs that have similar info so I can spot the big boys in advance and of course I could actually turn on my radar.

Warning Boat Porn Ahead

If you enjoy the beauty of wooden boats then Clayton NY needs to be on your short list. Nothing fiberglass can compare to the beauty of a wooden boat cutting through the water. This museum keeps many boats in the water and you can row a skiff or take a ride in a runabout. I’m getting plenty of boating on WhimSea so I didn’t opt for a ride.

Gleaming Wood

The condition of these boats is something to aspire to, but I’m afraid WhimSea will remain a working boat and not a showcase. Clayton is a lovely town. I found an awesome breakfast place and hardware store, what else does anyone need? Well perhaps something other than a north wind that bounced me into the dock all night, but other than that it is idyllic.

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