The Rideau Canal

A Rideau Reflection

The Rideau Canal is the longest continuously operating canal in North America. It started operation in 1832 and was built as a supply route as the Canadians were concerned of Americans attacking their routes on the St Lawrence Seaway. It starts in Kingston and runs 126 miles north and in those miles there are 49 locks!

The Rideau Locks are unique

The Rideau Canal locks are all hand operated. There are about 6 folks that operate the locks, using a wheel to open and close the doors and another wheel to let the water in and out. Unlike the Erie the Rideau charges a fee but the operators are friendly and helpful and the lines firmly attached at the top and bottom of the walls. The first day we went through 11 locks! The key is to wait on the blue line which indicates your intention to lock through. We thought we were staying near a town but it ended up being a beautiful isolated spot that meant running the generator to cook dinner.

Manually turning the wheels to open the doors
All the operators are college kids – turn, turn, turn
Quiet and still
Electric Bike is a game changer

I bought an electric bike from Costco before I left Ohio. It folds completely up and fits easily on the boat and weighs 40 lbs. I road it around Clayton for days and it’s great to get to a grocery store or laundry thats just too far to walk. The bike makes exploring the small towns so much fun!

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