Henderson Harbor – A Step Back in Time

Henderson Harbor Yacht Club (HHYC)

We arrived at Henderson Harbor Yacht Club on the 4th of July. Ed was a member here for 20+ years and was received like a conquering hero. We had a reception committee of 5 folks to catch our lines and provide a welcome. The club is like a bite out of time, reminds me of what I’ve read about the 1950’s summer camps. It was so nice and the weather wasn’t so we decided to spend a couple of days. We got invited to Meat Loaf night and a delightful carry in.

Bad weather – time for learning!

With the wind and rain descending it was time to explore the engine room and learn some of the mechanical operations. First up was the mysterious inverter. We learned it was wired to operate two outlets, not an ideal set up but the mystery was solved. Ed provided an in-depth lesson in battery management. Previously, I was ultra conservative, in terror that the engine wouldn’t turn over, so I wouldn’t even turn on a light if I was not on shore power. Ignorance breeds fear and we are slowly breaking down those barriers. I’ve also learned to use the shower, after not using it for 10 years. The real miracle is it works great, you just have to be careful about the extremely hot water created from the engine underway. The ultimate accomplishment was I managed to enter, use and exit the dinghy without incident, but I did suffer a bit of PTSD from the earlier incident.

More Fireworks

We were invited aboard Nancy and Art’s sail boat for a trip to Sacketts Harbor and another spectacular fireworks show. We were so close it actually strained your neck to look up.

Last one for 2022

Tomorrow the weather promises to be perfect to head to the Saint Lawrence Seaway and dip WhimSea’s toes into the Thousand Islands. Next stop Clayton, New York.

A bonus shot

This photo showed up on The Great Loop Facebook page. My nephew Tom surprised me with this find.

2 thoughts on “Henderson Harbor – A Step Back in Time

  1. So great to meet you and see Ed after many years.
    A real treat! Safe travels. You will love the 1000 Islands and the Rideau.


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