The Big Friendlies

Seeking Human Touch

I had read about the Grey Whales in the Mexican lagoons seeking human touch, but I didn’t really believe it. I assumed the whales were just curious and got close to the boats but it is definitely more than that. We entered the lagoon and were immediately surrounded by mothers with new born calves. The mothers teach the calves to approach the humans. I had a whale approach me and I scratched its head, seeking more attention it positioned its giant head even closer and we experienced a few minutes of human to whale contact and connection that was almost indescribable.

A friendship is made
Sometimes they like to show off and breach

I’m on a Road Scholar Tour of Baja California. It’s very well organized with 22 folks of all different walks of life. The bus ride down the Baja to the lagoons is long, the accommodations and food basic but the whales are worth the trek.

Sometimes they like to Spy Hop

We have 3 days with the whales and I’ve already had a lifetime worth of whale interaction experience. Can’t wait for the next days adventures!

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