WhimSea Launch 2022

First steps of 2022

WhimSea aka “The Hanger Queen” has left the building. It was a big season for WhimSea upgrades with new electronics, Stove and Davits but more on all that later. For now it’s time to rejoice in a successful launch!

In the 10 years I have owned WhimSea this is the first time I have seen a launch. It is a bit of a gut check when the equivalent of a condo is swinging in the breeze. The folks at Superior Marine are experts and she is safe in their hands. Now I just need an oil change on the diesel and I will be streaking my way east. Well perhaps not streaking as she is a trawler after all, but I’m excited to get the 2022 adventure started.

8 thoughts on “WhimSea Launch 2022

  1. Full speed ahead! Have a great summer and keep us updated!
    Love, Kathy and Tom 👫🐕

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