San Diego and Baja California

Scripps Aquarium

The adventure started in San Diego visiting Scripps Aquarium and the Sea Lions and Seals

We crossed into Mexico south of San Diego over the busiest land border in the world. There are 2.5 million people crossing each day, but we had no trouble.

We headed south down the Baja Peninsula into a beautiful high desert.

Interesting cactus

The travel south is in search of Grey Whales. There are 29,000 Grey Whales that travel from Alaska to winter in the Lagoons in Mexico. Here the mothers calve and nurse their young. It’s also a location for breeding but the real draw is these whales are known as “The Big Friendlies”. As they are reported to actually seek human touch and I have petting a Grey Whale on my bucket list so we will see what the next few days bring.

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