Adieu Canada and Montreal

I love train travel and the 3 hour trip from Quebec City to Montreal was relaxing. We stayed in Old Montreal by the port, surrounded by quaint restaurants and shops. The last night we stayed at the Marriott Airport practically on the concourse. Very convenient for the last minute COVID test and 5 AM show time.

5:30 AM Mimosas- earliest in my life!

This was my first international travel in 2 years and the world of travel has certainly changed. First I was required to have 3 COVID tests in the last 9 days. The middle one was a bonus courtesy of a random selection and the government of Canada. Getting the correct test, at the correct time, with the required passwords tries even the most experienced travelers patience. The second challenge was the myriad of apps required to prove my vaccine and health status. Bottom line in Canada you can’t get a hot chocolate without proving your vaccination status. Despite the hassles and complexity, I’m very happy to be back on the road again.

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