Sleeping with the Big Boys

WhimSea looks Petite, she’s not, but these boats are HUGE

WhimSea got hauled and is enjoying inside heated storage for the winter. I was surprised how tiny she looked next to the 65 footers. I usually do outside storage, but WhimSea has many, many, many projects planned over the winter.

Here’s a summary of this summers adventures: 651 NM, 100 hours underway, estimated fuel consumption 142 gallons, 285 Bridges, 36 Lift Bridges, 10 Locks. Whew, good first cruise to get the cobwebs off. Easily the best part of the trip were the fantastic people I met along the way. Boaters are special.

The Very Sad Bottom Paint

Such is the life of boat ownership – another day another problem. WhimSea got brand new bottom paint in June. This paint should last a couple years. The paint was fine in the water but once dry, it started peeling off in giant chunks. The veteran maintenance guys “had never seen anything like it”. I’ve got requests in to the paint company and Marina who applied it, to figure out what is happening. Seems a bizarre chemical reaction that is even removing the previous bottom paint. I’ll provide an update as this unravels (excuse the pun).

BTW – stand by for a fleet update this week!

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