The Fleet Expands

WhimSea’s Dinghy

Stopped in Louisville KY to pick up the dinghy. I ordered it in April but like everything else in the world, it was backordered. Since I only live a half mile from the intercostal in FL, I decided to get a trailer and take it to FL to play with this winter. One of this winter’s projects is a Davit system so the dinghy can hang off the back for easy deployment.

As I was getting my new boat introduction, I realized this was my 7th boat purchase. The first was a MiniFish Sailboat when I was 17, a 14 Foot Day Sailer, a horrible inflatable that almost sank, a Scout power boat, a Bennington Pontoon boat, WhimSea and now the dinghy. I think I need to get my boat addiction under control because I caught myself looking at baby Boston Whalers the other day, just say no!

Louisville Sluggers in the making

Since I was in Louisville KY and had a day to kill, I toured the Louisville Slugger factory and museum. Very interesting, especially the care and precision to make MLB bats.

I had hoped my souvenir bat could be my security on board WhimSea but it better be a small intruder!

Southward ho to Florida and home, I’ve been gone over 4 months so it’s time for a bit of normal life.

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