WhimSea Smells the Barn

The Waves Hitting the Pilot House

WhimSea’s last night on Lake Erie was a mere 31 NM from home port. Anxious to get home, the day started at 0542. The waves were on the bow so it was a bit fun to crash in to them, unlike the beam seas north of Cleveland with lots of rolling.

This was the weather we were in a hurry to avoid
It could have been really bad, but wasn’t

So a confession from the Captain. I almost really screwed up. Somehow my stern line got in the water and drug. There were no problems until I went into reverse while docking and the line hit the prop. Fortunately, it didn’t wrap and the prop cut the line. Really lucky and lesson learned. Double check the lines on departure!

The Port at the end of the rainbow

When WhimSea rounded Marblehead (her home port according to the Coast Guard) a rainbow appeared. It seemed appropriate at the end of an almost 2 month voyage, and I got a bit choked up, it seemed a sign from above.

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