10 Hours in the Saddle

Almost sunrise #3
Sunrise #3 amongst the Nuclear Power Cooling Towers

The crossing west across Lake Erie is ending up more like a delivery run with all miles and little fun. Departed the docks this morning at 0531. It’s mostly because I’m trying to hit a good weather window. So the run Buffalo to Erie 70+ miles, Erie to Geneva on the Lake 50+, Geneva to Vermilion 68 miles, Vermilion to Port Clinton 32. I have to say the cooling towers are a tad less scenic than the canal.

LaSalle in Cleveland

I had planned to meet up with a sister LNVT LaSalle in Cleveland. We were going to do a 2 boat glamour shot parade to include a drone video. Darn, not happening this trip. All that is put on hold till spring 2022 when I will next be heading east across Erie to Canada and the Rideau Canal, fingers crossed.

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