Erie Part Two

Lake Erie Sunrise #2

Good news on the repair for my intermittent starting problem. It ended up being a relay. That’s the part between the ignition switch and the starter and it was only a $30 part. In boat dollars that’s free. I received amazing service from Fernandi as the President of the Company was personally installing the part at 7pm on a Sat night!

Jim the unofficial Erie Ambassador
Great view of the Bay

Did I mention that boaters are just friendly and helpful people. Sat morning Jim knocked on my door and since he had wheels, asked if I wanted to go out for breakfast. We found a great diner, of course, and he showed me a bit of the old stately mansions and town.

Remember how excited I was for 94 feet? As the journey went on, the depth grew and the deepest was 128 feet and look at that blazing hot 7.6 speed!

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