The Longest Day

Sunrise is a not often seen sight aboard WhimSea

After the 4 mile days on the Erie Canal it’s a bit of a shock to be on the big water for a 70+ mile day. It will be WhimSea’s longest day underway since I’ve owned her. Why you might ask? It’s all to avoid the dangerous dockage at Dunkirk.

Canal View
Lake Erie View

Oddly enough,it’s also a good thing I don’t stop once I turn the engine over for the 70 mile day. I just started having an intermittent starting issue. Fortunately, I will be in Erie Pa where the Fernandi Marine Services, the folks who replaced my alternator are found. They plan to take a look tomorrow and the diagnosis via text message is ignition switch. Hoping that’s the case as it’s cheaper than a starter. So glad I will be in Erie, apparently my second home for maintenance. I already have quesadilla thoughts for lunch tomorrow.

94 feet – this is Lake Erie!

Another oddity – it also looks like I might see the deepest water, 94 feet, on the longest day. Western Erie, my stomping grounds is usually in the 30’s but 94 is my record for Erie.

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