Ramming Speed

The Rammer
The Rammed

You know those cute canal boats? Well unfortunately they come with inexperienced boaters. I was sitting on the aft deck when the Onondaga left the dock at ramming speed. The boater claimed the boat was “stuck in neutral” – only problem with that theory is you don’t go very fast in neutral. The good news is WhimSea is beefy and took the blow at the rub rail but it was a bit more than a rub. The Rammer is a steel hulled boat! If I had been a Sea Ray the damage would have been significant. In retrospect the only scary thing was the hit was exactly where I was sitting – the outcome could have been far worse.

I’m also lucky the Boats Owner seems a reasonable guy and agreed to pay for the necessary repairs when I get back to home port. Geez I was just doing counted cross stitch and minding my own business.

6 thoughts on “Ramming Speed

  1. So lucky it wasn’t worse and you can still run. And yes, so many years ago, in France, as Gaia likes to say about our barge trip, “We had 15 minutes of instruction from a drunk Englishman and then drove off in a barge bigger than my apartment.” AND had to handle locks by ourselves. Inexperienced boaters indeed. Sad to see your gorgeous boat damaged like that. Glad you are okay!


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