Westward Ho

Well I did a u-turn and started west. There is a world of difference with my westward trip as I’m definitely moseying. First day 4 NM, next day a whopping 3 and today 16, but only because there was no place to stop. You may wonder what makes a good stop. Pittsford Is a great example: 1. Diner for breakfast 2. Brew Haus for libations 3. Park for walking and impromptu violin concert. 4 Extra points for an ice cream/gelato or coffee shop. Of course a laundry and grocery is nice bonus at a stop.

One of the best reasons to stop is the infamous Erie Canal, “Free Wall”. I’m currently in Spencerport NY, that includes a free wall with water and electric, toilets and showers and free pump out. The pump out can become the most important thing!

A relaxed summer photo of the deer by Lake Ontario. One friend called this Santa’s reindeer on summer vacation. Not sure why this looks so much like a painting.

BTW the heat finally broke and I’m actually wearing fleece today. Heavenly!

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