Know When To Fold ‘EM

For those of you who know me well, I’m a tad goal oriented. Stop laughing about the “tad” part. My second goal for this trip was making it to Burlington, VT. The Notice to Mariners with some locks not opening till 3 Sept made the decision clear, that going further east was a no go. I will make Burlington but perhaps 2022 and after the Canadian canals. Soooo…..I planned to stay in Fairport 1 night but the lock closures will make it 11!

I found out Fairport is having a music festival this weekend. I’m told I will be able to clearly hear the bands from the comfort of my boat so I’m staying through the weekend and then will start moseying west.

What’s Different About This Picture?

In stealth mode, with Find Friends turned off, my brother surprised me with a visit to Fairport. We explored the New York Finger Lakes including Seneca Falls, Seneca Lake and Watkins Glen. There are hundreds of wineries along that route and I convinced him to stop for a sampling. It’s not close to my favorite tasting experience in Tuscany but it was lovely. It was also lovely to have access to wheels! I’ve been walking up a storm, but I have to admit at 88 degrees, riding in the cool car was wonderful. There is a whole wide world beyond my narrow canal confines.

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