Fairport = Flexibility + Fred

I’ve always said this trip would require lots of flexibility and plans A through Z. The remnants of Hurricane Fred hit upstate New York and it rained for 48 hours. As I was underway yesterday, I received a “Notice to Mariners” that Locks 24 – 28B were closed due to high water. I just passed Lock 32 so it’s just a few miles till 28B. So I’m stopped in Fairport till I get a notice of an opening. Reopenings can be as short as days or as long as weeks. Although this disrupts my plan, the town of Fairport is one of the best on the canal and an awesome place to be stopped. Dockage is only $14 per night and that includes a space on the wall, electric, water, bathrooms and showers.

Gotta have Balsamic for Tomatoes and Mozzarella

Of course the $14 dockage cost is offset with the NEED for balsamic vinegar and and a Fairport T-shirt. This is part of the plan for the towns along the canal, entice folks to stop with good dockage and they will engage in local commerce. And I’m a sucker for good balsamic vinegar. I’ve always liked the vinegar but a few years ago while in Modena Italy I was “educated” in vinegar and realized what I had liked was the equivalent of MD 20/20 for wine. I am now a balsamic snob.

Since I’m paused, here’s a few stats about my trip thus far. Underway almost 49 hours, made 333 nautical miles which for you land lubbers is 384 statute miles. I’ve gone through 5 Locks, under 138 Bridges and 16 Lift Bridges. With each of those miles, hours and bridges I gain a bit more confidence.

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