Bridges and Bicycles

This is a Gate Bridge

I am getting quite the education in bridges. Yesterday I went under 35 bridges and today it was 34. Above is a gate bridge designed to help control the water levels. This one is odd as only one side is up.

Above is a lift bridge. I had 7 lift bridges on my route today. A lift bridge requires communication and good timing. Many of the operators are running from one bridge to the next but are very courteous and respectful. It still gives me a bit of a zing when I radio “Monroe Bridge, Monroe Bridge, Monroe Bridge this is Motor Vessel WhimSea Over”. They reply, “Captain I have visual, continue your approach” It’s being referred to as Captain that gives me the zing. I have the education but not the experience to have earned that title but it’s something I hope to grow into.

The Erie Canal is a bikers paradise. The entire 338 mile canal has a bike path and guess what it’s flat! In the old days, the mules made about 15 miles a day, so the towns are spaced 15 miles apart. Great places to stop for lunch and overnight.

It’s very pastoral along the canal with apple orchards, corn fields. Very calm after wild Lake Erie.

6 thoughts on “Bridges and Bicycles

  1. So much fun following you on your adventures! Now even Jacob– my 5 year old– asks me if I have new pictures “from my friend with the tug boat”! He thinks you have the coolest life right now. It is hard to disagree!


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