Goal #1 – Erie Canal – Achieved

The rushing Niagara River

The Niagara River is in a hurry to get to the falls. You’ll notice I opted for the calmer side. This is essentially the Great Lakes excess water moving on the path to the sea.

Black Rock Lock – try saying that on the VHF radio 3 times!

So I admitted to being nervous for my first lock. As it turns out, the lock keeper told me to stay in the center of the lock so I never left the Pilot House.

Docked at Tonawanda on a very high wall
Do you think I am docked close enough to the bridge?

So on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Aug ever day tripper was out. I literally got the last spot and 2 helpful boaters helped me tie up, I could have never scaled the wall without a ladder.

I also made the most important navigational turn of the trip. I turned starboard to the Erie Canal and opted for the slow route vice Niagara Falls.

4 thoughts on “Goal #1 – Erie Canal – Achieved

  1. Hi Barb 🙂 love the pictures, so happy it went Smoothly through the canal !!! Miss you 💗 Lillie

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  2. Barb Robertson “a little nervous”……nah, just heightened alert. You’re living your dream and becoming more experienced. I wish I could do it…….but as you know, water and I don’t mix. Stay safe, my friend!!


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