Boat Angel’s in Buffalo

There’s supposed to be 3 Prongs!

It was an easy trip from Dunkirk to Buffalo. Upon arrival I went to hook up electric and found a missing prong. Before I could even devise a plan to get a new one, boaters Lisa & Dawn donned angel wings and offered to help. They just happened to have an extra brand new 30 AMP cord and offered it. After a swift Venmo transaction I was back in business never leaving the docks. Lesson learned carry a spare! Hoping my old one can be repaired.

Mast Down
Bungee cord madness

Jim, the second Buffalo boating angel, helped lower the mast. When I asked if he worked there, he said “No” but asked what he could help with. Putting the mast down is definitely a two person job and it turned out I “Tom Sawyered” him by accident and he did most of the work.

Remember the Erie Canal Song – “Low Bridge Everybody Down”? WhimSea is 23 feet 6 inches with the mast up and hopefully 13 foot 6 inches with the mast down. I will be going under lots and lots of bridges with the lowest being 15feet 5 inches. The mast will stay down till I get back to Buffalo. First lock today – a bit nervous!

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