Dunkirk NY – A Tough Night on the Docks

Notice this picture was taken at 1:45 AM!

It was a wild ride on the docks at Dunkirk. I didn’t get a lot of sleep as I constantly refreshed the radar map. At a normal dock and harbor this storm wouldn’t have been a problem but the docks were bad and there was a ricochet wave effect from the city pier.

Problem #1

The cleats were weak and not up to a 26K pound boat. I initially tied to the cleats but a local advised the poles. I switched. A few hours later another impassioned local told me my boat was in grave peril tied up as it was. I asked for his suggestions and help and he helped readjust the lines essentially creating a spider web with WhimSea in the middle. Thank god he did because rather than being underway to Buffalo I would be on the phone with the insurance company. The storm made WhimSea dance all night long.

The Poweski Cousins Aboard WhimSea

There was one highlight in Dunkirk. It is the home town of a good friend of mine, Al Poweski. I was warmly welcomed by the cousins and went out for a Friday night fish fry. Cousin Rick is a bit of a boat enthusiast, he instantly fell in love with WhimSea and for a moment I thought I had found a crew!

Happy to be on the way to Buffalo and almost off the big water.

2 thoughts on “Dunkirk NY – A Tough Night on the Docks

  1. Omg! Thank goodness boat people are so helpful! That spiderweb thing sounds wild to imagine. Hope that the weather gods are good to u til u get on the canal!


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