Voila – A New Alternator in Erie, PA

Meet Keith with my rebuilt alternator

On my run from Conneaut to Erie, PA my voltage gauge showed green for over an hour and then flipped to the dreaded red zone. I had a bunch of folks give me recommendations, so I ran with every light and blower on to try to pull some current and made it safely to Erie. I found Fernandi Marine Services and Keith, they even responded on a Sunday. They pulled the alternator and had it rebuilt, it looks like new and very reasonably priced.

Hanging out in Erie

If you have to be stuck Erie is not a bad place to be, with lots going on. I originally planned 1 night in Erie but it will actually be 5. The last couple days are due to a no go weather call. Winds are predicted for 15-20 KTs and waves 2-4 feet building to 5. WhimSea could probably take it but not her Captain.

Free Trolley

So it’s another couple of days riding the free trolley and eating at El Amigo a great Mexican restaurant 2 blocks away.

If the weather gods approve, I will be in Dunkirk NY on Friday and Buffalo on Saturday and then it’s just 10+ miles to the Erie Canal.

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