Geneva On The Lake

A flash back to the 1950’s

I’d never been to Geneva On The Lake but it was very cool and much like a flash back to the 1950’s. There is a strip with arcade games, lemon shake ups and Eddies Grill that’s been around since 1949. I’m a sucker for those kind of places and had to have a foot long hot dog at Eddies.

State Park Lodge

The State Park Lodge has a great location and the rooms were very reasonable. If you’re looking for a getaway, I would consider a visit here. The State Park Marina was also very impressive. I love when they actually respond to the VHF radio call and race around in a golf cart to catch my lines. Although, I have to say my docking skill is improving daily.

There were lots of Amish folks near the lodge and all were racing around on electric bicycles. I’m no expert on the Amish but I would think if you can have an electric bike, it might be ok to allow buttons. They didn’t ask me for advice. Onward to Conneaut.

7 thoughts on “Geneva On The Lake

      1. We were just talking about that……great minds think alike. I was reading him your last post about all the sailboat traffic and I commented how brave you are…..he said lucky I wasn’t there as I would have had to be sedated. True….😂


  1. You are one brave woman! Cleveland! I couldn’t have done that with a team of people. Oh, and we were in Amish country in PA recently and the only bikes they had were this interesting combination of a bike and scooter…so no pedals or gears. push with one foot but still have handlebars and a seat:)


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