Ahoy Cleveland

When I think of Cleveland I think of the Browns and Indians (The Guardians will take a bit). I had forgotten it is large port. I was quickly reminded as I dodged freighters and tugs in the channel. Whatever the USCG book says I just get out of their way. There were no close calls but a couple of gut checks.

Dodging Sail Boats

The sail boats were more challenging than the freighters because there were so many. I would estimate about 150 of the small Lasers and 75 of the larger class boats were directly in my path rounding a marker. WhimSea just slowed down and waited it out.

Brown’s Stadium

And there it was Browns Stadium. I remembered attending the first game of a season. It was the first play and the opposing team returned the ball for a touchdown. Without missing a beat the guy behind me said, “There’s always next season”. Such is the heart of a true Browns fan, never ending hope.

Off to Geneva On The Lake today and the weather gods continue to bless me with calm seas.

4 thoughts on “Ahoy Cleveland

    1. So It’s looking less like I will be in Canada this year but there is still a possibility I’ll get a wild hair and head from Oswego NY to Kingston ON but the more likely scenario is Burlington, VT and a giant uturn. Glad you’re enjoying the posts


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