Fascinating FEZ


FEZ is like no place I had ever been.  The town is 1400 years old and a half million people call the medina home. The “streets” are two donkey wide and today the donkey still serves as the primary delivery means. We wound through crazy narrow streets up alleys and down spooky dark and dank hallways. It was all magic and mystery, but thank God I had a guide or I might have been a tourist for life.


While the pathways were interesting, the people of Fez really stole the show. My favorite was the teacher who beckoned for us to join her class. Unfortunately, I had to take a quick picture and keep up with the group. I could hear the sweet cherubic singing of the students before we saw them. It was fascinating that in the middle of what I perceived as chaos, the simple rhythm of life and school continued on.



The artisans were the other interesting people of FEZ. The artisans areas had an almost medievil  feeling, with primitive tools and similar trades congregated together. The most famous in FEZ are the leather dying vats.  I’m very glad to have visited in Dec, during the cool season, as they gave us mint to hide the smell of the pigeon shit. YES! The secret ingredient of the dying was including pigeon shit (1400 year old tradition). Apparently you can buy pigeon shit by the pound in the market, I declined.


The street food was colorful and plenty of locals were partaking. Of course, us tourist of delicate constitution , were warned away from the street food, but my goodness I was tempted.


My favorite experience of Fez was the Donkey photo bomb. I was setting up a shot when the Donkey photo bombed me in what I can only describe as a close up.

Next stop the Desert!

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