Morocco – A Country of Contrasts


I decided to spend the last few weeks of December exploring Morocco. I can definitely recommend visiting this time of year as most days meant jackets in the morning and long sleeve shirts in the afternoon. This is compared to 127 Farenheit in Aug! The days were sunny with lovely clear blue skies. If you are thinking of Morocco as a destination I can recommend the Gate1 Discovery Tour with only 21 people and an extraordinary itinerary.

A view while traveling through the Atlas Mountains.


Snow covered mountains in the sight of palm trees.

Morocco is both modern and antiquated. They have an incredibly ambitious solar program that will take care of much of the country’s energy needs. Phase 1 is completed with more phases on the way. Literally in the shadow of this effort women are still washing laundry by hand in the streams and donkeys and horses are plowing the fields.


I love how they disguise Cell Towers as palm trees.


A few feet away from the Cell Tower was the Snake Charmer


Women dressed in traditional garb clutching their cell phones.

I’ll be making several more posts from Morocco with the highlights of FEZ, The Desert, Argan Oil and the Mosques.  I was delighted with this country of contrasts.

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