The Sahara Desert – Up Close and Personal


One of the highlights of the trip to Morocco was the journey south to the Sahara Desert.  We rode 4X4 vehicles to get to the desert oasis.  Up dunes, sliding down dunes a few stops for photos and we arrived at our Bedouin Tents for the night. The tents were on the sand, but comfy with carpets, beds and somehow toilets and running water.


Our camels were waiting our arrival as the objective was to ride the camels up the dunes to see the sunset from the top.  I had never ridden a camel and the take off and put down are quite the herky jerky rocket ship experience, but once underway it was smooth. Sunset at the top of the mountain, was one of those perfect lifetime memories not to be repeated and so awe inspiring actually difficult to articulate.

Dinner and entertainment was served in a large tent with dancing and music fit for a sultan. But the real entertainment was provided by mother nature as we exited the tent, the only light was from the camp fire, and the Milky Way totally lit up the sky. I could have watched the stars all night but when the sun went down it got really cold. Fortunately/Unfortunately our tents had propane heaters. Fortunately they heated up the tents really well, unfortunately I have a healthy respect for carbon monoixide and worried most of the night I was getting sleepy as a symptom. No worries, the morning found me breathing easy in the desert air.


4 thoughts on “The Sahara Desert – Up Close and Personal

  1. Love the picture of you on the camels with the sunset. Absolutely breathtaking! Can only imagine what it was like in person. Happy New Year


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