The markets of Aix En Provence


Greetings from Provence! – The markets of Provence are full of color and wonderful tastes.  On Saturday’s, the market winds through most of the town but it’s very organized with flowers in one square, fruit and vegetables in the next and textiles in the third.  We wandered throughout buying honey, cheese, tomatoes, fish, and even a dress. We rented an apartment from VRBO so we have a full kitchen and are making a lot of meals with market found ingredients. The markets are my favorite thing in France and this is a great place to indulge in the entire experience.

Speaking of indulging! Oh my the Pastry Shops are drool worthy and there seems to be one on every corner. We stopped in one and ordered a Hot Chocolate which is basically a vat of molten chocolate that you pour frothed milk into.  Fortunately the weather has been a bit nippy (mid 40’s during the day) so we have plenty of excuses to stop for a hot chocolate.

Today we did a bit of sight seeing and went to see Cezanne’s studio and some of the traditional tourist sites.  I even found the Kusmi tea shop where I stopped a year ago and yes I bought more tea. In fact, we had a bit of “Tea Crawl” where we stopped in several Tea Shops and our counter is full of those choices that go fantastic with a croissant.




We’ll be in Aix En Provence for a couple of more weeks so look for more posts and guess what – there will be more photos of markets!

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