Five Countries Five Currencies

Wow keeping my money straight on this trip has been a challenge. The exchange rates ranged from 333 to 1 dollar, 110 to 1 dollar, 53 to 1 dollar, 10 to 1 dollar and 1.7 to 1 dollar. Who’s on First? None of the countries used Euro’s and it seemed familiar to the days I lived in Germany, and keeping all the currencies on hand was a daily chore. Fortunately, I mostly just buy Cappuccino’s and Wine so it’s not a huge financial transaction. It was interesting that you had to use all the Macedonian money before you left the country as none of the neighbors would exchange that currency. That certainly makes a statement about Balkan relations.

Final stop on this tour was Albania.


Tirana Albania had huge squares and public spaces. We toured several museums and the most interesting was Bunker #2 an underground museum that highlighted the atrocities during the communist regime and the paranoia over gas attacks.

I have a 1:45 AM wake up call to get to the airport for a 4:25 AM flight! I’ll be in Paris for about 24 hours and then back home.  It feels really good to have a home to go back to, relax, enjoy, repeat.  I’ll be back out the door in November to spend a few weeks in Provence, France. Expect more updates then. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Five Countries Five Currencies

  1. So interesting! Have a safe flight. Hopefully they won’t check your bags and find that stray dog that you packed up to bring home…


    1. I can still see the little black and tan guy, can’t imagine how I could have smuggled him as I know he will have a challenging life. With my travel schedule there is no way I can have a dog but boy do I miss Stowe.


  2. I had to check the date on the first blog for this trip because it seems like u have done a lot of countries/cities in two weeks! Interesting about having to spend all of your Macedonian currency before u left the country. Have a safe flight home!


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