Marseille, Arles and more Markets


AIXMARIF.jpgMarsielle is a quick 30 minute and $4 bus ride from Aix En Provence so it makes an excellent day trip.  Plan A was to visit the islands from the Count of Monte Cristo but it was a bit too windy and the boat wasn’t running. So it was Plan B and a Hop on Hop Off bus that went to Notre Dame on the hill top and all the interesting points in the city.  In case you were wondering about the amount of wind see below:


Arles took 2 buses and a bit further. We went for the market but honestly is was a bit disappointing filled with cheap stuff from China and very little authentic merchandise from Provence.  If you read my previous posts you know I was happy to find some Roman rocks to look at instead of the market, I did love the fountains with stately Lions and fun heads spewing water.

But then it was Saturday and time for another fantastic market day in Aix.  The energy of the market, filled with infants in prams and Senior Citizens with produce filled sacks creates an amazing atmosphere. At one point I stopped for a Coffee Au Lait and a Chocolate Croissant (Karen T – this was the same place we stopped last year) and just people watched to my hearts content.  Today I wandered from square to square and bought all things Provence like soap (I am soap rich this trip), lavender sachets, and oh such lovely tea towels.



Although it is cold (40-50’s) during the day.,I love traveling at this time of year because the tourists are scarce and you can enjoy the genuine experience of the French people.  To be honest I also love the cheap air fares!

2 thoughts on “Marseille, Arles and more Markets

  1. Yes, I remember that cafe – wish we had stayed longer and enjoyed the market more. But I guess you are doing that now for the both of us. And – I finally finished “the count of monte Christo” last month and it was wonderful. But so long; I definitely have to go to the island. And – I just got out the winter hats and gloves and found my scarf and beret from Aix. Happy memories abound.


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