Ohrid Macedonia


Ohrid is located on a huge and very deep lake. Peak season is July-August when the Dutch descend upon the city. Fortunately it was cool and not over run with tourists when I visited.

This was the “Bay of Bones” an example of primitive living around 1200 BC. Apparently the name came from all the bones found at the site, but no bones were visible in 2019.


St Naum’s Monastery along lake Ohrid.

So many more churches! Ohrid once had 365 churches and was called the “Jerusalem of the Balkans”.  My knees and feet are glad we only visited a few.


So there was one constant in Macedonia that nearly broke my heart. Stray dogs everywhere. Friendly, hungry, stray dogs.  At one stop a stray mom had a litter of puppies – my heart melted several times. There was one dark brown and tan puppy, probably 12 week old that just wanted loving.  Yikes – I could see me moving to Macedonia and starting a Dog Shelter. Fortunately I escaped with only a few tears.

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