Settling in the FL Nest


Ahhh what a view! This is my favorite spot in my new town. It’s the lazy river where I spend most mornings walking against the current getting in some exercise. What a great way to start the day and a great way to hide from the summer heat.

It’s been awhile since I posted a blog as I didn’t think you would find my day to day non travel activities very exciting so here’s a summary.  I just got tired of boxes and started having fun, as I will get to the boxes eventually, or not. I decided I needed some daily retirement goals (those of you from my previous life are going to love these compared to the 90% MA goal).

Daily Goal 1:  1-2 Hours of Exercise  (Examples – Walking the Lazy River, Walking the beach (5 miles from my home), Riding my bike (Awesome place to ride bikes you just have to get out early before the heat), YOGA, Swimming Laps).  There are a bunch more classes and activities I’m planning to try but these have been my favorites thus far.

Daily Goal 2: 1 Hour of Learning.  So I’m pretty lenient on myself with this goal as I count a lot of things as learning. My most persistent is learning French on Duolingo. Duolingo is a free website and a pretty good tool. I’ve really bolstered my 30 words and 4 phrases of French and will soon put the learning to the real test with conversations in France!  There are lots of interesting Seminars and I’ve even allowed  a few Ted Talks to count as learning.

Daily Goal 3: 1 Hour of Social Interaction.  This is to prevent me from becoming the Crazy Cat Lady without cats and has been the most rewarding goal so far.  Most days I get in way more than an hour.  I have been blessed to live on a street where there are LOTS of folks interested in doing things and getting together. I’ve even convinced a few to travel so you know I’m happy.  My Motto is, “Just Say Yes” no matter what I am being asked to do.  The other day I decided I wanted to go out for Italian sent a text and boom there were 5 people at the table. Every Sunday I play “Pitch” a card game that seems popular in New England but I’m determined to hold the Midwest Flag high and find a group to play Euchre.  Del Webb continues to be like a Summer Camp for adults and it will be really hard to miss this goal.

The other excitement was learning to be a real Floridian as I put together my Hurricane Emergency kit. As I was in “The cone of uncertainty” Amazon Prime was rolling boxes filled with flash lights, whistles, propane and butane stoves, solar charging and lighting devices, NOAA Radios, buckets, emergency blankets etc. I found out half my lot was in Evacuation Zone B and half in Evacuation Zone D. I figured if I stayed in the bedroom I would be fine. Fortunately, Hurricane Dorian stayed out to Sea and instead of evacuating I sewed my bedroom curtains.

My cousin Colleen, a seasoned Floridian, shared this piece of advice and I followed it.


12 thoughts on “Settling in the FL Nest

  1. Hi Barb!
    I LOVE your life!!!! Just saying!
    But, seriously, you are a very smart and adventurous and fun and brave lady! I am so happy for you.
    God bless you!
    Diana(Ken’s mom)

    P.S. perhaps we will meet sometime when you visit Columbus.


  2. Happy to hear you’re feeling at home in Florida and making friends in your new community! The lazy river looks beautiful, and I love your daily goals. Based on your latest blog post it looks like you’re traveling again, but we’ll get together one of these days. Enjoy it all!!


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