Delightful Budapest

Well I had to put on my “big girl” pants as I arrived in Budapest, Hungary. I had become accustomed to being “led by the hand” touring Southeast Asia and China. In Budapest, I needed to put all the pieces together myself. Even though I was in Europe, I found my usual travel invincibility and confidence lacking. Perhaps it was the brain deadness from the 8 hour flight to Lisbon, 5 hour layover and 3 1/2 hour flight on to Budapest. On the positive side I was upgraded to first class on Air Portugal and had the sweet lie flat seat. Of course I didn’t take full advantage, as I started watching Chernobyl and couldn’t turn it off.

The next morning my travel mojo returned and I was hopping on subways, trams and buses to navigate around town. I took Europe’s oldest metro to the Szchenyi Baths and took the water with the locals. There are baths all over the city and one of the highlights of Budapest.  At Szchenyi, although built in the 1800’s, the modern arm band system makes finding your cabin easy.  I did wander the massage area a bit until I found a gentleman, all in white ,who looked like a warden in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest but he gave a good (for an insane asylum) massage. I was also delighted to find the old men playing chess in the hot pool oblivious to the tourists.

The next day I became a real tourist as I cruised the Danube and gawked at buildings. I couldn’t help but think of my Mom as I took a tram along the waterfront from one end of the line all the way to the other. My Mom loved riding anything and I had to smile as I found myself on the tram just riding around.

Hungary’s history is so interesting, having been conquered from all directions over the centuries. Most interesting are the vestiges of the recent USSR oppression. I couldn’t go to the House of Terror where the tools of the KGB are displayed. I’d rather see contemporary Hungarians enjoying freedom and capitalism and boy do they have the capitalism figured out. Prices are nothing like when I last visited in 1994.

Next flight is on Romanian Air Transport. I’m flying from Budapest to Bucharest, Romania. You can’t imagine how many times I checked to make sure I got that right before booking. Next post from a new country for me – Romania!

5 thoughts on “Delightful Budapest

  1. I loved Budapest! Hoping to return in 2021 or 2022. House of Terror not worth it. We did it instead of the baths and I am still kicking myself. Take the funicular up to the top of the Buda side, if you haven’t already.


  2. Ahhh, glad you got your spa fix. I am sure the rest of the trip will go smoothly now. And I have been following along with your adventures, and finally stopped being lazy and logged in to make a comment. Happy travels.


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