Lord Nelson Victory Tug Rendezvous

Photo courtesy of Kristen

Just finished the annual gathering of the east coast Lord Nelson Victory Tugs. We’ve met as far north as Camden Maine and this years event was in the quaint town of Urbanna, Virginia.  It is always an interesting event with lots of Tug Talk and exploring other folks boats for innovative repairs and improvements.  It is hard to explain the special closeness shared by the LNVT owners but when you buy an LNVT you definitely join a small but mighty community of interested and interesting owners.  It is almost cult like in the close circle and caring of the owners. Everyone is helpful getting the newbies their sea legs and hearing the passion the new owners have as they begin their love affair with the boats. BTW WhimSea is not in the pictures as it is a long way from Lake Erie to Virginia but she might make the event some day.

Hearing all the maintenance projects folks have done over the season always makes me feel slightly inadequate as my skills do not lean towards rebuilding diesel engines.  However, I always leave the group energized to dive into the next big boat project as there always is one when you own a boat over 3 decades old.  I’ve decided to keep the boat on the hard for another year and get some of those big projects like – Lining the Fuel Tanks, Recaulking and bunging the deck,  Adding a Crane or Davit system,  Replacing all the thru hulls, Buying a dinghy. I’d like to get the boat painted but the last time I got an estimate for that project it made me swoon so I might have to put that further down the to do list.

Since I now live in Florida where the heat in the summer can be oppressive, I have decided to do the Great Lakes, Canada loop next summer as a gentle start to my live aboard adventures.  It will be great to finally get underway but in the meantime it was great to get an LNVT fix in Virginia.

A previous event in MA
The Whole Gang

7 thoughts on “Lord Nelson Victory Tug Rendezvous

  1. Thanks for the insights into the mindset of a LNVT owner; and for the inspiring photographs. The projects you have lined up sound daunting; I could perhaps swab the deck, but I didn’t see that on the list. Maybe a could cook for you while you do the heavy lifting!!


  2. You are so inspirational to me. My Hermit habits step aside and my traveling genes are reawakened when reading of your adventures. Wish I’d known you were in VA as I would have loved seeing you again! Miss you and Gaia.


  3. Really like the picture of all the tugs in a row! Very impressive! Was good to talk to when u were on your on your way to Ohio!


  4. Hey Barb, Jerry Jones, 37LNVT31 Titan, just stumbled across your blog, great! Could I get a copy of the pic you have of Titan on your blog from the Rendezvous? I’m just back from a 6week tour of the St Johns River in FL, stayed a month in Sanford, good fun! Will you be going to the Beaufort Rendezvous? I plan to cruise there from Hilton Head Island…….


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