Taking Time to Set Up a Nest in Florida


After 8 months of near constant travel it’s time to take a break and create a new nest.     I love the view from my patio and after all the frenetic motion, it feels good to just sit with a glass of wine and look at the water. My home in German Village was 100+ years old so I decided to go in another direction and build new.  The where to retire decision is a big one, and I was originally operating like it was a one time decision and then I was stuck FOREVER. I had a few conversations on the topic with recent retirees and that created some freedom as they said, “It you don’t like it after a few years, then just move to some place else.”  I surprised myself with a decision to build in a Del Webb community in Ponte Vedra, FL.  Ponte Vedra is between Jacksonville and  St Augustine.  I’m extremely close to the Intracoastal Waterway and there is even a Kayak Launch that I’m excited to try when the unpacking horror is over.  At the moment, between unpacking boxes, I am booked with exciting appointments with Comcast, Blind Companies, Home Automation, Best Buy, Pest Control, Lawn Services, Garage Doors, Builder Warranty and a constant stream of deliveries from Wayfair, Amazon and Kohls. I find moving and especially building new, is particularly good for the economy but my credit card is melting. From what I can gather living in Del Webb is sort of like summer camp, with an amazing variety of clubs and activities and I can’t wait to finish the last box and have some fun and meet some folks.

On the positive front, the neighbors are friendly and one particular guy is a nightly  visitor.



19 thoughts on “Taking Time to Set Up a Nest in Florida

  1. Del Webb communities are amazing! We considered it as well before buying 10 acres about 2 hrs from you. You will love it there! We visit that area often since we have close friends in Jacksonville. I’ve loved hearing about your travels, but I’m sure it’s nice to just slow down for a bit. Try not to be too terribly sad over missing out on DPMAP and the audits. We’ve got you covered back here 🥴


  2. So the plan is rest and relaxation in your beautiful new home while contemplating your next adventure? Sounds like retirement done right!!


  3. Best wishes for you and your new home. I love the view, and hope I can come and see it in person some time. Thanks for sharing your fabulous 8-month adventure with us; what wonderful memories for you. See you next month.


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